My Love is Vengeance / বিষাক্ত প্ৰেম

An Assamese Feature Film

Genre : Romance, Horror, Fantasy, Suspense

Duration : 1 Hour 31 mins.

Production House - TD Film Studio

Writer, Director & Editor : Tarunabh Dutta

Casts - Govinda Malakar, Dolly Chakrobarty,

Kongkona Baishya, Ankita Chakravarty, Dipankar

Das, Nitesh Kumar Parbat, Atif Raza, Junali

Hazarika, Ajit Dutta, Binoy Das, Harjinder Singh,

Priyan Baruah Tarulata Malakar, George Bordoloi,

Sunita Nath, Kaushik Chatterjee

Special thanks to  Georgie's Retreat Eco Camp

Music -Dhiraj Dutta,  Filmstro, Artlist, Soundstripe

Singers - Hriday Parash, Moni Kangkana

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We are proud to present an Assamese language feature film, 'My Love is Vengeance'. This project is a modern-day spin on the timeless theme of star-crossed lovers, highlighting unique cultural nuances that set it apart from the mainstream content. Directed and produced by Tarunabh Dutta, an industry veteran under the banner of TD Film Studio Productions, this film explores the blend of romance, horror, and fantasy genres, creating an atmospheric and compelling narrative that is both captivating and innovative.


'My Love is Vengeance' tells the story of Gautam and Mitali, two passionately-in-love budding actors, caught in a whirlwind of familial conflict, professional rivalry, and a love triangle. Their seemingly perfect romance faces a sudden halt when Gautam's family and career choices clash with their relationship, and his co-actress Parishmita's secret ambitions come to light.
One day, Gautam discovers an expensive-looking ring on the railway tracks, triggering a series of eerie events. He is haunted by visions of a girl who jumps off a bridge onto the tracks in front of an incoming train. These horrifying hallucinations follow him home, disturbing his peace, and leading to a dangerous incident where he is arrested for attempted murder.
Parishmita, acting as a true friend, enlists a witch doctor, Bhairav, to free Gautam from the grip of what seems to be an evil spirit. Bhairav succeeds in trapping the spirit inside a ring, restoring Gautam's sanity. However, the mystery deepens as Bhairav discovers that someone targeted Gautam intentionally.
This revelation takes us back in time, where Mitali's backstory unfolds. After being replaced by Parishmita and feeling betrayed by Gautam, Mitali withdraws herself from the acting world. Her brother Ranajeet, a black magic expert, distraught by his sister's heartbreak, summons an evil spirit to avenge Gautam.
Unravelling the truth, Parishmita confronts Mitali, who learns about Gautam's efforts to protect her from the film's predatory producer. Realizing her misjudgement, Mitali reunites with Gautam, and they plan their future together. Unbeknownst to them, Parishmita is also in love with Gautam, leading to a heart-breaking realization of unrequited love. In her loneliness and despair, she unties the ring containing the malicious spirit, leading to another chilling turn of events.
The climax of the film leaves us on the edge of our seats, with the fate of Gautam hanging in the balance as he unwittingly releases the evil spirit once again. This ending sets the stage for a high-stakes, suspense-filled narrative to follow.
Overall, 'My Love is Vengeance' is an intricate tapestry of love, betrayal, revenge, and supernatural elements that constantly challenge the characters and keep the viewers riveted until the very end. This unique blend of romance and horror, set against the backdrop of the Assamese film industry, offers a unique cinematic experience that captivates audiences and keeps them guessing throughout.



As we look to the future of storytelling and the evolving trends of viewer engagement, we believe that our Assamese feature film, 'My Love is Vengeance,' holds the potential to be a game-changer on your platform.
This film, directed by Tarunabh Dutta, combines elements of romance, horror, fantasy, and suspense, promising a cinematic experience unlike any other. Its plot intricately weaves the lives of its characters, challenging them with trials of love, betrayal, and revenge, set against the backdrop of the Assamese film industry. 'My Love is Vengeance' also incorporates an unexplored element of black magic, adding a unique cultural depth to its storyline.
The talented ensemble cast, featuring Govinda Malakar, Dolly Chakrobarty, Kongkona Baishya, Ankita Chakravarty, Dipankar Das, among others, provides the bedrock of the film's authenticity and emotional resonance. The passionate performances of the cast combined with the directorial finesse of Tarunabh Dutta, makes 'My Love is Vengeance' a compelling cinematic experience.
We believe that the distinctive narrative and the deep cultural roots of the film will resonate with a broad audience, particularly those interested in fresh narratives, genre-blending films, and regional cinema. 'My Love is Vengeance' could cater to viewers' desire for stories that combine romance, suspense, horror, and fantasy, and offer a fresh take on these popular genres.
With its gripping plot, captivating performances, and unique cultural insights, 'My Love is Vengeance' stands ready to make a significant impact on your platform. It carries the potential not only to diversify your content library but also to draw in new audiences, particularly those interested in Assamese cinema, regional languages, and cultural narratives.
We strongly believe that our film, with its unique blend of storytelling, genre, and culture, will strengthen your platform's content portfolio and bring forth a different shade of the Indian cinema narrative. We encourage you to seize this opportunity to champion diversity and showcase a story that promises to captivate viewers worldwide.
We invite you to partner with us in bringing 'My Love is Vengeance' to a global audience, to appreciate the richness of Assamese cinema and witness a romantic horror fantasy that will keep them on the edge of their seats. This is our call to action, an appeal for your platform to seize this unique opportunity to enrich its offering and provide a platform for this compelling story to unfold.
We look forward to discussing this opportunity further and exploring the potential of 'My Love is Vengeance' on your esteemed platform.

“Join us on a cinematic journey with 'My Love is Vengeance,' a distinctive Assamese feature film ripe for global distribution, screening, or sponsorship. Contact us to explore this opportunity further and let's together create an impactful cinematic experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.” 


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"Creating 'My Love is Vengeance' was more than just crafting a film; it was about weaving together fragments of love, vengeance, and the supernatural into a cinematic tapestry that could capture and evoke a spectrum of human emotions. As an Assamese filmmaker, I always dreamt of crafting narratives that traverse beyond the confines of ordinary storytelling, crossing boundaries to deliver universal themes and feelings through our own unique regional lens.
The journey of creating this film was as thrilling as the plot itself, and this resonated deeply within my creative spirit. With every scene, every frame, my aim was to balance the intensity of the narrative with the authenticity of our regional identity. Mitali, Gautam, and Parishmita, our primary characters, are not mere figments of a script. They represent real-life people, they reflect the rollercoaster of emotions that love and betrayal bring, they echo the whispers of revenge, and above all, they manifest the resilience of the human spirit.
At its core, 'My Love is Vengeance' encapsulates a raw and intense love story, layered with dark secrets, supernatural elements, and a haunting sense of mystery. It is a story that challenges the norms of traditional filmmaking, aiming to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, whilst leaving them pondering over the underlying themes of love, loss, and vengeance.
Our talented ensemble cast and dedicated crew brought to life the vision of this story, their unwavering commitment, and passion helped me manifest the intricate plot and unique characters. Through their performances, the audience will feel the essence of each emotion, the deep longing, the profound betrayal, and the raw vengeance.
I wish for viewers to embark on this cinematic journey with us, to experience a diverse blend of genres, and explore the depths of our characters. As a filmmaker, 'My Love is Vengeance' represents a culmination of my creative vision and regional pride. It's an example of the power of storytelling when combined with deep-rooted culture and a passion for breaking the mold.
So, join us on this incredible journey as we unfold a unique narrative that transcends the ordinary, a narrative that will make your heart race, your mind ponder, and your spirit connect with our characters. 'My Love is Vengeance' is not just a film; it's a testament to our creative journey and our desire to connect with audiences worldwide."


Writer, Director, Producer of 'My Love is Vengeance'

Founder & Director at TD Film Studio

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